Whether you are new to the timeshare world or contemplating your first purchase, we want you to feel comfortable with your decision so here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions.

If you want to talk with a live person, feel free to email Shelley@timeshares-skyvalley.com and we can always talk by phone if needed 706-746-2743.

About The Timeshares

How do I go about purchasing a week or two?

You can search the website by week and unit size. The prices vary only slightly based on size of the unit ($899 to $1249). Once you pick out your vacation home, you can easily checkout on our store page.

Once I purchase a timeshare week (s), what happens next?

You will receive your deed from the Sky Valley Timeshares office within two weeks or so. You will then need to have it notarized (your bank is a good place) and mail it back to the timeshare office. You will then be the permanent owner of your unit and you may sell it, rent it to someone else, or trade that week for another of the same points at a different resort. See our section called Timeshare Trading for more information on this.

What if I don't like my vacation week for whatever reason?

One of the great advantages of the timeshare system is that you can trade your week at Sky Valley for a week somewhere else. A week with the same point value can be yours within the RCI vacation exchange system. More information on joining RCI can be found here.

I am interested in buying at Sky Valley because the prices are so reasonable and vacationing elsewhere using the RCI exchange program. Can someone help me figure this out?

Yes! Go to the section called RCI Exchange and there you will find how you can purchase at Sky Valley prices and vacation at other resorts around the world. It’s really quite easy and they have great customer service help.

What is the yearly maintenance fee?

While these fees can be outrageously expensive at other resorts, at Sky Valley they range from $291-535 per year. Most are around $375 and based on our history, they don’t go up much each year, if at all. Compare this to any other resort and you’ll be pleased with the low fees.

How do I figure out what the exact dates are for weeks 30-31 (for example).

You need to consult a timeshare calendar. The date of your week will change each year by a few days. So perhaps one year your vacation will start on July 1 and the next year it will start on July 2. Here is a calendar you can consult.

I have heard that even when you buy a timeshare, some places try to sell you more.

At Sky Valley, we don’t operate that way. Reading this website is the hardest sell you’ll ever get. We’re thrilled that you’re considering buying what we think is one of the best deals out there and that you are discovering the amazing beauty and serenity of the north Georgia mountains.

How are the units maintained?

Each timeshare building at Sky Valley has a separate leadership and budget. That president is responsible for overseeing the care and feeding of the units in your building. The buildings have been consistently updated, painted, and so on with the annual dues received from owners. Your president will be receptive to your comments and suggestions as an owner. Each year you’ll receive a newsletter from your building president along with an invoice for that year’s maintenance fee which is due in June.

Recent updates have included free wireless internet, new flatscreen televisions, new sleeper-sofas and free long distance.

What's the age of the buildings?

All of the buildings were built between 1978 and 1988. All have the same quality of furniture and same selection of household goods to make your stay comfortable.

About My Vacation

When is check in?

Depending on your week’s check in date, either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the check in is between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the main timeshare office. You will see the check in date for the unit you are interested in, at that specific page. Most have Saturday or Sunday check in dates.

What is the address for the Sky Valley Timeshare office?

501 Sky Valley Way, #71, Sky Valley, Georgia, 30537

Can I receive Federal Express or U.P.S. shipments while I am there?

Yes. Simply have the package mailed to the address above. You may wish to inform the office that it’s coming and give them your unit’s phone number. It will be held at the office and available for pickup during office hours. The U.S. Postal Service picks up from the timeshare office daily as well.

Where can I get groceries?

Dillard, Georgia, at the bottom of the mountain (10 minutes) has a Piggly Wiggly and Clayton, Georgia  (18 minutes south) has both a Ingles Market and a super Walmart.

Can I bring my trailer with boat or motorcycle?

Some units have more parking spaces than others. While a trailer might be a problem on the units on Tahoe Lane (Winged Foot, Sawgrass, Glenn Abby, LaCosta), there is ample parking in Oakmont and Tanglewood)

About My Unit

How is my unit furnished?

Your unit is furnished to meet the needs of four to eight people (depending on the size of your vacation home). Sky Valley timeshares range in size from one bedroom, one bath, to two bedrooms, two baths to two bedrooms plus a loft and two baths or two and a half baths.

  • Stove/Oven
  • Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • 2 Televisions
  • Coffee Maker
  • Toaster
  • Hand Mixer/Blender
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Iron/Ironing Board
  • Outdoor Furniture

How are the kitchens outfitted?

You should be able to cook most anything your family wants with the fully-equipped kitchens. All the dinnerware and cooking utensils are provided along with a full-size refrigerator, stove/oven, and microwave. You will also be given dish soap, dishwasher soap, a scrub brush and garbage bags.

Are there laundry facilities?

Each unit has its own washer and dryer for your convenience. There is also a complimentary mid-week service of towel cleaning. Bring your own laundry soap.

Is there wireless available?

Yes. Each unit has a free wi/fi connection.

What about cell phone reception in those mountains?

A cell tower has been recently installed that makes it very good for those with Verizon accounts. Other carriers will be coming soon. If your provider isn’t as strong, you can use the free long-distance service from your unit phone (s).

Are there televisions?

Yes. Each unit has two televisions including at least one large flat-screen with a generous cable package including high definition channels.

Who do I talk with if I have an issue with my unit?

There is always someone at the timeshare office to assist you during office hours. There is also limited assistance after office hours for emergencies or to get you back into a locked unit. Call the office at: (706) 746-2743.

Hours of Operation

8:00-5:00 Monday to Thursday

8:00-7:00 Friday

8:00-12:00 and 3:00-7:00 Saturday and Sunday

Pets are not allowed to vacation in the units, so are there kennels nearby?

Shady Oaks Kennel in nearby Clayton, Georgia. Good if you are arriving from the south.

Creekside Kennels in Franklin, North Carolina. Good if you are arriving from the north.

What about service animals?

Yes, service animals are welcome.

May I smoke?

You may smoke on the porches but we ask that you please do not smoke inside the units.

Are there any units that are handicap accessible?

Most of the units have a few steps to navigate either up or down. There are more details on the specific unit pages. Four are fully wheelchair accessible (Eagles Nest) and several others like Cypress Point and Tanglewood can be navigated with a wheelchair with some assistance (there is a small grassy slope down to the lower units).

About Sky Valley and Surrounding Area

Please tell me about the golf course

The Sky Valley Country Club is a semi-private club that is open year round to residents and timeshare owners and guests. The rates for 18 holes include a cart and range balls but there are also less expensive afternoon and junior rates. For more information visit their website.

What are the hours of the tennis and swimming and fitness center?

9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

There are six tennis courts, four hard surface and two clay and a pickleball court. The pool is three feet at the shallow end and eight at the deep end. The pool is heated. The fitness center has an exercise room, sauna, hot tub, bathrooms and changing rooms.

What is there to do at Sky Valley for my children?

In addition to the golf course, heated pool, tennis courts, and playground, there are hiking trails, an amazing waterfall, a lake with ducks to feed, streams to wander into, and an amazing sunset each night. We have more information here.

What else is there to do around Sky Valley?

You may not want to leave Sky Valley once you see it, but if you do, there is an entire section on this website devoted to the many, many, unique activities and attractions within a short drive of Sky Valley. Go here.

Where is the closest airport?

There are three airports that serve the mountains:

Greenville-Spartanburg International in Greenville, Sc (2 hours)

Hartsfield-Jackson International in Atlanta, Ga (2 hours)

Asheville Regional Airport in Asheville, Nc (1:45 hours)

What is the average weather at Sky Valley?

You will want to consult a good weather website about the specifics for your week but generally the temperatures are mild in the winter with highs in the 50s and staying cool in the summer with highs in the low 80s. It does get cold enough in the winter for man-made snow for tubing runs and ice skating.

Where are the nearest hospitals?

There are two hospitals nearby: Highlands/Cashiers in Highlands, Nc and Rabun County in Clayton, Ga. Both of these are fewer than twenty minutes away.

What restaurants are good nearby?

There are many fine restaurants in the areas surrounding Sky Valley:

At Sky Valley: The Clubhouse

In Dillard, Georgia (15 minutes away):

The Dillard House (Southern, family style), Cupboard Cafe (Southern), La Cabana – (Mexican), Moon Pie – (Pizza).

In Clayton, Georgia (21 minutes away)

Fortify Kitchen and Bar (Southern), Rusty Bike Cafe (American), Universal Joint (Sports Bar), Lots more.

In Highlands, North Carolina (20 minutes away)

Old Edward Inn (Fine Dining), Asia House (Sushi/Hibachi), Lakeside (Seafood), Ristorante Paoletti (Italian), The Ugly Dog Public House (American), Several others.

In Franklin, North Carolina (30 minutes away)

Fat Buddies Ribs (BBQ) , Kobe Express (Japanese), Boiler Room (Steakhouse), Asian King Buffet (Chinese), lots more.

The Clubhouse is private but timeshare owners can use it?

Yes, the clubhouse is a private facility which allows dining privileges to timeshare owners. It is open for lunch and dinner.

I hear there's a great waterfall nearby?

Yes, Mud Creek Falls is a short walk from four of the timeshare buildings (Sawgrass, Glenn Abby, Winged Foot, LaCosta) and a few minute’s drive from the others. Parking and picnic benches are available. And there are lots of other waterfalls nearby. Check out The Wayward Traveler’s Guide to Waterfalls and Back Roads (Franklin, Nc, Highlands, Nc, Clayton, Ga) with the locations to forty five nearby waterfalls.

What is Kudzu?

Also called “the vine that ate the south,” Kudzu is a perennial vine native to Asia that grows very rapidly and tends to take over where it exists. You will see it as you come and go up the mountains. Free free to take some home with you, we have plenty to spare.

Is there a map of Sky Valley I could look at to give me a sense of where everything is located?

On each of the units page is a Google map of the city of Sky Valley and that shows the location of each building and its relation to everything else. No matter which unit you purchase, you will not be more than a three minute drive from the tennis, pool, golf course.

Anything else I should know?

At the prices we are currently offering these units, it might be a good idea to purchase several units for the same week. Not only will the whole family be able to get together every year but you will have more purchasing power if you decide to exchange your weeks through RCI. Look around and you will not find a more beautiful resort for anything close to these prices.