The power behind purchasing a timeshare unit is the vast number and variety of vacations you will have access to through membership in Resort Condominiums International (R.C.I.) For forty years RCI has been making great vacations possible.

They are offering 35,000 exchange options in 108 Countries!

3,700,000 members are currently enjoying this vacation exchange service.

Many folks purchase at their primary resort and then decide they want to vacation elsewhere the following year. That’s where the RCI exchange program comes in. They make it easy for you to “bank” your vacation with them and use the points you have accumulated with your purchase(s) to exchange for an available vacation elsewhere.

Booking an exchange vacation through RCI is the act of trading your deposited vacation ownership week for another week in the RCI system

  • Step 1: Join RCI. Annual fee $99.
  • Step 2. Use the RCI website “Deposit Calculator” to get a points range.
  • Step 3: Deposit future weeks you own (up to 2 years in advance)
  • Step 4: Locate a vacation that matches the points you have banked
  • Step 5: Exchange your week for another week.

RCI Points Assistance 1 (307) 805-9941
RCI Weeks Assistance 1 (307) 805-8000
Monday – Friday (8-5)


Choose your next Exchange vacation from at least 35,000 guaranteed available Exchanges…or your next online exchange fee is FREE!

Planning your vacation should be fun. And as your exchange company, we want to contribute to the enjoyment of your vacation planning by guaranteeing you access to as many exchange vacations as possible. That’s why we now guarantee you will have access to at least 35,000 available exchange vacations when you deposit your week. If you sign in to and have less than 35,000 unique exchange opportunities, your next online exchange fee is free. So deposit today, choose from at least 35,000 vacations, and have fun!


  • Deposit your week.
  • Within 7 days of your resort verifying your deposit, sign in to and see how many exchanges are available to you.
  • If you have less than 35,000 exchanges available, simply fill out and submit the Claim Form within 7 days of the deposit’s verification.
  • After your claim is approved, we’ll post a credit for the next online exchange fee to your account.

It’s that easy!


How many points will I earn through purchasing a Sky Valley Timeshare?

That can be determined at the RCI website simply by entering in the information on Timeshares of Sky Valley resort ID (0043) and your particular unit and week. You will be given a range of what points you can expect to receive once you bank it. The larger the unit, the more popular time of year, all add up to more points. Also, the sooner you bank your week before it comes up again, the more points they give you. Below we have outlined some vacations that are available and what points range they require. Keep in mind that because Sky Valley is not as fancy as some resorts, your purchase power may be less so you may need to own two weeks to get one week at another resort. But for the prices you can purchase one at Sky Valley for $899 to $1,249, it’s more than affordable.

FYI, There are a maximum of 60 points in the RCI system and banking 30 will get you a great vacation, 40 will get you Hawaii, 60 will get you anything available around the world.

What is Deposit Trading Power?

According to RCI, “Your Deposit Trading Power varies based on when you deposit. Depositing from nine months to two years in advance will maximize your Deposit Trading Power. In addition, upon depositing, you can take advantage of searching and exchanging your week for another vacation. You do not need to know where or when you want to travel as long as you are not planning to return to your home resort on your next vacation.

What does that get me elsewhere?

That’s hard to say. The points required are always changing, each day and at each resort. They RCI folks advise us to “only deposit your vacation if you do not plan on using the week you own.” Because once you deposit it, it goes into the system for someone else to rent and you cannot retrieve it.

What information do I need about my unit to exchange my week?

Just the size (1,2 or 3 bedrooms) unit name and week you own it. They will figure out the points from that.

But I have not yet purchased a unit(s) so how would I be able to figure out what it's worth?

Roughly speaking, the one bedrooms are worth a maximum of 14 points, the one bedrooms plus loft a maximum of 17 points and the two bedrooms and two bedrooms plus loft, a maximum of 22 points.

Can you explain exactly how it might work if I purchase one or more weeks from Sky Valley but want to regularly vacation elsewhere?

  1. Purchase one or more weeks at Sky Valley Timeshares.
  2. Accumulate points based on these weeks.
  3. Join RCI – $99
  4. Use the Deposit Calculator to find out how many points you have based on your unit size and weeks.
  5. Take these points on the RCI website and “purchase” another vacation from the RCI website. It’s possible to go all over the world.
  6. Keep paying your annual maintenance fee (s) for your purchased units at Sky Valley and only to Sky Valley. And that’s great because our maintenance fees are very low compared to most: $300-$400 a year in most cases.
  7. There may be an exchange fee or cleaning fee associated with the transaction.
  8. Seek help from our RCI friends if you have any questions. They are prompt and helpful.
  9. Enjoy your new vacation.

How do I "deposit" my weeks into RCI for an exchange?

That’s easy enough to do on the website. And RCI has a “Live Chat” feature where a customer service agent will go back and forth online with you to answer any of your questions. We have found them prompt, knowledgable and friendly.

Can you give me an example of weeks I could trade my Sky Valley weeks for?

While that is hard to do with any precision, we feel confident that you could go to any of these resort towns (family of four) and have a great vacation with 38 points. Purchasing two , 2 bedroom units from Sky Valley for $1,049 each ($2,098 total one time expense) and every year you can travel the country enjoying new and exciting family vacations!