In the 1970s, a group of developers turned a 2,500 cattle ranch into a ski and golf resort. Located in Rabun County, Georgia, on Rabun Bald mountain sits the city and resort of Sky Valley. At an elevation of 3,100 feet, it is Georgia’s highest and coolest city.

I have been coming to Sky Valley since 1978. Having enjoyed it both as a child, a teen, a single man, and now as a father of four small children, I love it dearly and want to share this wonderful resort with you who may just develop the same passion I have and enjoy it for years to come.

My parents, who made that first purchase have only missed one year of the past 38. The natural beauty, the serenity, the mild temperatures, the friendly locals, the activities both at the resort and nearby, have made this our family vacation for decades and, we hope, for decades to come.

Eric Owens


As timeshare owners you will have a week (or more) of natural beauty, golf, tennis, swimming, hiking, sightseeing, or just sitting on your porch enjoying the peace and quiet and breathing in the cool mountain air.

There are thirteen timeshare buildings (seventy five units total) spread around the property. Which one you choose will be based on the size of the unit, price, and location. You can search here for units by size. Below is some information on where they are located on the property. None is farther than a 3 minute drive from the clubhouse (pool, tennis, playground) and golf course.

Sky Valley is a fixed week resort (Your week is the same every year) and an RCI affiliated resort.

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Nearest to the timeshare office/golf/tennis/fitness with views of the 18th hole, lake and surrounding mountains:

  • Glenn Abby
  • Sawgrass
  • Winged Foot
  • La Costa

Quieter, woodsy, away from traffic and noise, potentially better for those with smaller children (safe grassy areas to play in):

  • Cypress Point
  • Tanglewood
  • Oakmont
  • Brassie Knob
  • “A” Chalets
  • K2 Chalet
  • B1 Chalet

Four round buildings, two bedrooms, two bath, large living area, wrap around deck, handicap accessible:

  • Eagle’s Nest

All by itself in total seclusion within a residential area. Up a steep drive:

  • Hatteras