You can feel an ever so slight chill run up your spine. But it is not from the mountain winds shifting their direction in anticipation of the coming dusk, it is from your anticipation of the coming drama. It is a feeling millions before you have felt as the lights dim and you are transported back to the beginning of time, through the pageantry of one of the longest running outdoor dramas in the U.S. It is the same reaction visitors have had since the first showing of “Unto These Hills” nearly six million tickets ago. But it is also very different from the drama of days past. The show today has been revamped┬áto better portray the unique story of the Cherokee from a historical perspective. The new play traces the Cherokee people through the eons, through the zenith of their power, through the heartbreak of the Trail of Tears, finally ending, appropriately, in the present day, where the Cherokee people, much like their newly re-scripted drama, continue to rewrite their place in the world. A place based on traditional Cherokee values and modern sensibilities.