How Timeshares Work

Millions of Americans own a timeshare. It’s an affordable vacation, it’s flexible, it can be traded, sold, passed down through  your estate. A timeshare is a deeded property. The week or weeks you purchase are yours forever. It’s an annual vacation you can count on for a fraction of the cost you might spend at a hotel or resort.

Owning a timeshare allows you to prepay for your vacation in advance providing your family with a lifetime of vacations at today’s fixed, low, rate. Timeshareing enables individuals on a variety of budgets to enjoy annual week-long vacations at premium resort properties without the exorbitant costs and hassles of owning a vacation home outright.

The main difference between traditional real estate and a timeshare property is that ownership of a timeshare is shared by multiple individuals each of whom have an interest in the property and can use it during specific times each year. All the owners split the maintenance costs for the property.

When you purchase from Timeshares of Sky Valley, you will receive (within a few weeks) your deed to the property.

Each year then you can depend on having an affordable vacation (the only future price of your vacation being your annual dues which pays for utilties, cleaning, maintenance and upgrades). At Sky Valley these rates range from $291 to $535 depending on the size of your unit (the average cost is $375)

If you wish to vacation some place other than Sky Valley, you can easily do so through Resort Condominiums International (RCI) by “banking” your points and exchanging for another vacation, elsewhere (the beach perhaps?). Their friendly staff is available to answer your questions.

The staff at Sky Valley Timeshares can also help you with any questions you might have before you purchase: (706) 746-2743.

It’s surprisingly simple to purchase and own a timeshare unit. At Sky Valley, the only thing you need to do each year is respond to the prompt to pay your annual dues and show up with your tooth brushes.